Celebration Dance Festival

The Celebration Dance Festival is Coming to Disney this Fall!

Live events may be paused for the time being, but they won’t be forever. If you are a dancer looking for a way to see what it’s like to perform in the big time, the Celebration Dance Festival has an amazing opportunity for you. At this amazing experience, young dancers can take a workshop then perform a professional choreographer routine before a live audience of international guests. This is a once in a lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss.
As a part of this Disney Dance Celebration, dancers ages 7 and up will be put together with other attendees and taught how to perform a professional routine commonly performed at the park. Dancers will be put in groups with between 7 and 40 other dancers and will have a chance to dance on the Market Place Stage at Disney Springs. The Celebration Dance Festival is not only a fun experience, it’s also a showcase for talented young dancers who want to illustrate their skills and practice performing before a real audience.
If you can dance on a stage at Disney, you can dance anywhere in the world. This Disney Dance Celebration allows young performers to show the world what they're made of and get constructive feedback from pros in the industry. They will learn what it takes to make it as a Disney performer in an atmosphere that is instructional, yet still fun and relaxed. The Celebration Dance Festival is an immersive experience to give young performers an insight into life as a professional dancer. Registration is open now if you are interested in taking advantage of this amazing opportunity.