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Celebrate the difference

Our mission is to provide dancers with meaningful and engaging performance opportunities focused on artistic growth and dance education while reinforcing lifelong lessons in teamwork, discipline, and confidence.  Our purpose is to provide dance students with the technical training, artistic development, and practical experience needed to prepare for a future in the dance industry. Our innovative approach to dance education welcomes diversity and ensures unanimous participation and achievement by all students. 

*does not include festival convention tuition. Dancers must be registered

with festival convention to participate in add-on production routine


Inspiration is an effective strategy for achieving many things. Discovering goals that are challenging motivates students to effort and achievement beyond standard expectations. 

The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios, together with their subsidiaries and affiliates, are two of the largest employers of performing artists in the world. Platforms include resorts, theme parks, cruise lines, Broadway musicals, television, and movies. Students will be immersed in a world of entertainment. Spending free time attending the many shows throughout Universal Orlando® Resort and Walt Disney World® Resort, students are sure to be inspired.  



Dance education engages the artistic processes of creating, performing and critical analysis. Students use critical thinking skills, excel in nonverbal reasoning and communication, exchange ideas, work cooperatively and collaboratively with others, and interact within a multicultural society. More comprehensively, dance education develops a knowledge of self and others, as well as the life lessons and soft skills valued by colleges and employers in every field.

Dancers delve into the life of a professional dancer with our comprehensive commercial and concert dance workshops. Our professional teaching artists work with students to refine dance technique and audition skills, and learn original choreography from productions. Students will also have a chance to ask questions about pursuing a career in dance. 

Performance skills are those aspects that set our dancing apart from just the mechanical movement. Often, our attention is drawn to the dancer who is using a range of performance skills effectively, because they stand out from the rest.

Performing at multiple high-profile venues with international audiences, dancers will develop confidence and improve performance skills, such as focus, projection, emphasis, and expression. Dancers will enjoy a true performance experience with genuine audience interaction and enthusiasm.  


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