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SHOWCASE LINEUP IS FINAL – NO CHANGES may be made to Showcase Entries once Showcase Lineup is posted.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

PLEASE NOTE: Celebration Dance Festival reserves the right to alter or change the following information due to necessary state, local and venue COVID-19 safety protocols.


*NEW* Walt Disney World requires showcase music be selected from a preapproved list from Disney's Imagination Campus. Also all choreography and costumes must be approved by Disney's Imaginatin Campus prior to showcase. 


MINIMUM AGES – Dancers must be the Minimum Age for each level before they can move up.
LEVELING DOWN – Dancers may level down at their Teachers’ discretion. 

**Please see specific ages for each festival event.


Celebration Dance Festival believes in a consistent training environment creating a foundation for dancers to progress that may include but is not limited to a home studio and/or teacher.
• A dancer not registering with their home studio and/or teacher is considered Independent.
• Independent dancers ARE eligible to register for Festival classes and audition for scholarships, as well as submit routines for the performance showcase and add on performance production routine.

• PRE-REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY ADVISED, including any Paid Observers – Space is Limited & On-Site Registration is Never Guaranteed. 
• ALL REGISTRATION must be submitted directly through Celebration Dance Festival.
• CONFIRMATIONS will be emailed following your Online Registration.
• INVOICES will be emailed immediately with payment due on or before the Registration Cut-off Date for that city.
***No Mail or Email registrations accepted. 
• All Attendees required to complete the Celebration Dance Festival Waiver. This includes all Chaperones & Paid Observers.
• Credit card payments accepted via Invoice Link only.
• Checks may be mailed in 45 days prior to event.
• Registration on-site at convention is not recommended nor guaranteed.
• Registrations will be limited and cut-off may occur if quota is reached before the cut-off date.


Once registered, NO REFUNDS will be authorized, unless event is canceled due to COVID-19. In which case, Full Refund within Two Weeks.



Levels may vary in each city. Additional levels will be added as needed.

MINI LEVEL: ages 5 - 7

JUNIOR LEVEL: ages 8 - 11

TEEN/SENIOR LEVEL: ages 12 and up

• Dance/observe in all classrooms if space is available.
  *Dance Teachers CANNOT Register nor Attend as Observers.


• Paid Observers allowed with Paid Students Only.
NO Teachers, Dancers, Studio Owners or Managers may register as Observers.
• Paid Observers may observe all classes in Student Ballrooms Only.
• Please wear Observer Wristband at all times. No replacements for lost wristbands.



College auditions are not guaranteed. Colleges require 20 or more dancers to hold college audition. College mock audition will be held instead.



• You will receive an acknowledgement email when you submit your festival registration.
• Once our office has reviewed your registration, we will send you an Invoice Email:
DO NOT WAIT – CHECK THIS EMAIL IMMEDIATELY & THOROUGHLY UPON RECEIPT – Changes after Cut-Off Date are not recommended and cannot be guaranteed
• This Invoice Email is your final check before making payment.
• It allows you to confirm with your records that your Registration and Showcase Entries are correct.
• IMMEDIATELY EMAIL us, if your registration is incorrect in any way.



• Registration at convention is not recommended nor guaranteed.
• Registration is limited and cut-off may occur if quota is reached before the cut-off date.



• Video Recording and photos are NOT allowed in Dressing Areas.
• No camera equipment, including tripods, selfie sticks, etc., allowed in classrooms or showcase.
• Video Recording is NOT allowed during showcase. However, regular flash photos are allowed.



• BE ADVISED: Wristbands are non-transferable and are not to be removed for the duration of the convention.
• Wristbands lost or removed require Full Repayment of Registration Fee.
• No Refunds
• No Exceptions



Dancers will audition in the age level that they are registered in.
• Any JR, TN and SR attendees registered for the FULL festival are eligible to audition for and/or receive, the various scholarships available in each city.
• Dancers eligible to receive each available scholarship ONLY ONCE in each Age Division. 
• AUDITION NUMBERS for each dancer will be included in each Festival Registration Packet. *These numbers must be worn at all time during the Festival.
• Festival Scholarship Recipients will be announced during the Closing Q&A with Faculty.
• All Scholarships valid for the 2023-24 festival season only.
• All Scholarships limited to Tuition Only.
• Scholarship are NON-TRANSFERABLE and have NO EXTENSIONS.
• All Celebration Dance Festival Scholarships valid for tuition at all Festival locations with Scholarship value equal to or of lesser value.

• You must PRE-REGISTER for the Festival where you choose to utilize your scholarship.
• Scholarships NOT ACCEPTED for On-Site Registration.
• See Scholarship Page for additional information



• No Luggage or large items allowed in the Ballrooms due to safety concerns.
• All Dance Bags, Ice Chests, etc., must be stored UNDER CHAIRS and/or AGAINST THE WALLS in compliance with Fire Marshall Regulations.
• All chairs in ballrooms must remain against the walls and available for use by Paid Observers.




• Chaperones are required for all dancers age 15 and under who are staying at the hotel.
• Reminder that hotels/theme parks are public areas. No dancing or rehearing in public areas.
• All Attendees must Observe Safety Practices & Quiet Times.
• Dancers should always Travel in Pairs.
• Dancers must wear appropriate Cover Ups outside of Classrooms.
• Appropriate Footwear must be worn at all times outside Classroom Areas. No Bare Feet.
• No Tap Shoes outside of Classroom Area.
• We ask everyone’s cooperation in respecting the privacy of other hotel guests and all hotel property. Your cooperation will allow Celebration Dance Festival to continue to use the finest hotels in the country for our festivals.



Celebration Dance Festival management reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or to remove anyone who is disruptive, unruly or displays rude, unacceptable behavior—to be determined at Director’s sole discretion.



All dancers and all those accompanying the dancer must be registered with CDF and Mainstreet Travel LLC. Each of our Festival locations offer something unique. Please be aware of specific requirements for each location.

CDF requires all dancers and their chaperones to book TRAVEL PACKAGES through our travel partner, Main Street Travel.

  • Discounted resort rates are only available by booking through Main Street Travel. Minimum of 3 nights stay is required.

  • Minimum 3 nights stay is required at the host resort for Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World® Resort Festivals booked through Main Street Travel.

  • Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World® Resort Festivals require theme park admission tickets for each day of the Festival. Discounted group tickets must be purchased through Main Street Travel.

  • Dancers may NOT use Disney annual pass or Universal annual pass for park admission for Festival.

  • Disney Vacation Club may NOT be used for Festival.

  • Master classes may be held at studio space within the theme parks. Dancers must have a valid festival/theme park theme to enter.

  • Those accompanying dancers must have valid theme park tickets to attend any performances held within a theme park.  

  • Dance families and friends will book separately through Main Street Travel. Studios are not responsible for booking hotels and theme park tickets for those accompanying dancers.

  • CDF accepts groups and independent individual entries. 

  • Independents must be enrolled with a studio and currently taking classes at time of Festival.

  • CDF recommends dancers be at an intermediate – advanced level. Dancers should have previous experience performing on stage.

  • CDF reserves to right to request audition videos from groups and individuals. Depending on our Festival location, our host venue may require approval for routines, music, and costumes. In the event approval is needed, studios will be required to submit videos for review 90 days prior to Festival.

  • Pre-registration is REQUIRED to attend all CDF events. CDF accepts a limited number of dancers and routines depending on Festival location. Early registration is advised.

  • All dancers and all those accompanying the dancer must complete a waiver for both CDF and Main Street Travel. Additional waivers may be required depending on Festival location/venue.

  • All Festival Showcase entries are required to register each dancer for Festival master classes.

  • Studios may submit up to 8 routines per showcase.  Additional dances will be allowed if time permits.

  • Studio routines must have at least 4 dancers or more. No solos, duo/trios.

  • All CDF dancers will receive a lanyard with credentials. Dancers are required to have credentials and theme park tickets with them during Festival. CDF is not responsible for lost/stolen credentials. Credentials are non-transferable.

  • Observers are allowed to attend master classes for Nashville and Universal Orlando locations ONLY for a nominal fee. Universal Orlando also requires theme parks tickets for entry to backstage area.

  • All Festival Showcases and the Nashville parade performances are open to the public at no charge.

  • Walt Disney World® Resort/Magic Kingdom® parade performance require theme park tickets.



  • For Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, Festival registration and Festival Showcase entries must be submitted 120 days prior to Festival.

  • If prior approval for Festival Showcase routines is required, Festival Showcase entries must be submitted 90 days prior to the Festival date.

  • Late entries may be accepted if space is available.

  • No entries will be accepted less than 30 days prior to Festival.



  • ONLINE registration for CDF is required. Mailed or emailed registrations are not accepted.

  • CDF accepts VISA and Mastercard payments online with a 3% processing fee.

  • Studio check may be mailed.

  • Once registered for CDF, NO REFUNDS will be authorized, unless event is canceled due to COVID19. In which case, Full Refund will be given within 7 – 10 business days.

  • Please review payment, deadlines, and refund policies specific to Main Street Travel LLC regarding hotel and/or theme park tickets. CDF recommends you purchase travel insurance for all registered Festival locations.



  • Nashville

    • Festival Master Classes Jr Division – Ages 5 – 11

    • Festival Master Classes Teen/Sr Division – Ages 12 – 18

    • Festival Showcase – Ages 5 – 18

    • Add on Production Routine – Ages 9 - 18

  • Universal Orlando

    • Festival Master Classes Jr Division – Ages 5 – 9

    • Festival Master Classes Teen/Sr Division – Ages 10 – 18

    • Festival Showcase – Ages 5 - 18

    • Add on Production Routine – Ages 9 - 18

  • Walt Disney World Resort®

    • Festival Master Classes Jr Division – Ages 7 – 9

    • Festival Master Classes Teen/Sr Division – Ages 10 – 18

    • Festival Showcase – Ages 7 – 18

    • Add on Production Routine – Ages 9 – 18

    • Park Parade – Ages 10 – 18

Adults and/or teachers are not allowed to participate in any master classes or performances.



For an additional fee, dancers meeting age requirements (group and individual independent entries) may perform with other Festival participants in a production routine. Our production routine is choreographed especially for each CDF location by our award-winning Creative team. Dancers receive choreography for the routine 90 days prior to Festival. Dancers must submit a video of themselves performing the production routine 30 days prior to Festival for review.  Choreography, on site rehearsals, and costume are included with add on fee. Production routine will be performed at the closing of the Festival Showcase. Production routine will not be critiqued by our Teaching Artists’ panel.

  • Dancers meeting age requirements will perform in our exclusive PERFORMANCES.

  • Choreography, on site rehearsals, custom costume and tights are included with Festival tuition.

  • Choreography for routine will be sent out 90 days prior to Festival.

  • Dancers must submit a video of themselves performing the routine choreography for review 30 days prior to Festival. Our Creative Team will help polish your routine before arriving at the Festival.

  • Our Creative Team is available for limited in person or zoom rehearsals prior to the Festival. Please contact us for details.


  • CDF recommends routines to be upbeat and engaging. Remember at CDF Universal Orlando and WDW, you will be presenting your routines at an open venue with an international audience. Your audience will not be just judges and dance friends/family.

  • All choreography, music selections, and costumes must be “Disney squeaky clean.” CDF may require video submissions of routines prior to Festival for approval. If you are unsure about your costumes or gestures, please contact our creative team for detailed guidelines.

  • **NEW GUIDELINES FOR DISNEY IMAGINATION CAMPUS** music for Disney Springs performance must be selected from Disney Imagination Campus list of approved song titles.


  • Acro/Dance: Routine using acrobatics and tumbling moves incorporated with the rhythm of the music. Can contain passes and flexibility moves. Must contain 50% dance. No mats allowed.

  • Ballet: Routine must consist of ballet technique. Must include classical steps and movements.

  • Contemporary: A routine that contains both Lyrical and Modern movements

  • Clogging: Routine Consisting of clogging moves incorporated with the rhythm of the music. Clogging type shoes must be worn.

  • Hip-Hop: Represents the current trendy style of today's dance. Must Contain 80% of hip-hop style. Examples: MTV, current videos, street style dance.

  • Jazz: Classic jazz techniques incorporating the foundation of fundamental jazz style and combinations. Must contain basic jazz choreography and contain no more than 20% hip hop styles.

  • Lyrical: Routine demonstrating balance, extension and control performing contemporary/lyrical moves. Dance should tell the story of music.

  • Modern: A contemporary or abstract style of dance. May be based on other disciplines & principles of dance, including choreographer's vision. Modern dance involves freedom of movement with no limitation using angular lines with legs, arms, and body to create unusual and interesting effects.

  • Musical Theater: Any style or combination of styles of dance with music from any Broadway show, past or present.

  • Tap: A routine containing tap technique and primarily tap work. No tap sounds on tape/CD.

  • CHARACTER ROUTINES USING CHARACTERS FROM DISNEY OR UNIVERSAL ARE NOT ALLOWED. EX: no routines with dancers in wizard robes, no routines with dancers in Cinderella dresses.



  • Routines with 1 – 3 dancers may be up to 3:30 minutes (Not available at all festival locations)

  • Routines with 4 – 20 dancers may be up to 5:00 minutes.

  • Routines with 21 – 40 dancers may be up to 7:00 minutes.

  • Routines with 41 – 60 dancers may be up to 8:00 minutes. (Universal Orlando only allows 40 dancers or less per routine)

*Extended times are not permitted.





  • Photograph of props must be submitted 30 days prior to UNIVERSAL OR DISNEY festival for security approval. You will not be allowed to bring prop through security check points at Universal City Walk or Disney Springs without approval.

  • CDF reserves the right to disallow the use of any oversized or dangerous props.

  • Please bring in and remove props daily. Props cannot be loaded in for the entire Festival. Please practice safety precautions when moving and assembling props.

  • There is no storage for props at Festival venues or host resorts.

  • No painting of props inside or outside of the event venue.

  • Littering from props will result in a $100 fee.

  • Prop setup time: no more than 2:00 minutes.

  • Prop Rule: For safety measures, a dancer may not be physically placed on a prop/scenic piece more than 6 feet off the ground while on top of any prop/scenic piece.

  • Dancers or Studios causing unwarranted delay including Setup and the removal of props MAY be excluded from Showcase Call Backs and/or scholarship awards.

  • Helium and Latex balloons are NOT allowed under any circumstances.

  • Any special requests for the assembling of props must be discussed with the Festival Director prior to arrival at venue.

  • Battery-operated props are recommended. Power outlets NOT available for props requiring electricity.

  • When sliding props or moving scenery, do not alter or damage the backdrop, wings, or marley dance floor. If the backdrop, wings, or marley floor are damaged, the Studio Owner/Director will be responsible for its replacement.

  • All props should be non-toxic substances. No form of liquid, gel, powder, glass objects, aerosol cans of any type (including hairspray or spray paint) or similar substances may be used that will physically alter the backdrop, wings or surface of the marley floor. Wet paint (on body, costume, or prop), fake blood, silly string, haze or fog machines, dry ice, smoke, strobe lights, bubble machines, candy, chalk, crushed cork, flour, corn starch, loose glitter, sand, dirt, sawdust, ashes or any other similar substances may not be used.


NASHVILLE - approx 24’ x 40’ (limit 60 dancers on stage)

UNIVERSAL ORLANDO CITY WALK – approx 32’ x 32’ (limit 40 dancers on stage)

WALT DISNEY WORLD® DISNEY SPRINGS™ - approx 25’ x 40’ (limit 60 dancers on stage)

  • All stages are raised platforms.

  • If you have more than the limited number of dancers, please contact our Creative Team.

  • City Walk and Disney Springs™ do not have wings or a backdrop. Both are open amphitheaters. We encourage you to choreograph your routines with this in mind. Please contact our creative team for more specifics and tips to making the most of these spaces.

  • Crossing from Stage Right to Stage Left (or vice versa) during any routine, must be done on stage. *There is limited access to cross behind the stage and may be seen be the audience.

  • All stages have a marley floor overlay.

  • City Walk and Disney Springs™ dressing areas are not completely private. An undergarment leotard is required.

  • All festival locations will have primary private dressing rooms assigned for each studio.

  • Entrances/Exits will be reviewed prior to Festival. We ask that you rehearse these in advance. Your routine will not be announced by number as our Festival Showcase does not run like a competition.

  • All Festival Showcases have open seating. There is no reserved seating for any of our events.


CDF is dedicated to educating and empowering young dancers. CDF provides dancers a meaningful performance experience with genuine audience interaction. While we do not score our dancers/routines, we feel it is important to provide dancers with mindful critiques from our supportive Teaching Artists and Creative Team. We also feel it is important to recognize dancers/routines for their artist excellence. CDF Creative Team and Teaching Artists will recognize routines based on choreography, showmanship, execution, technique, and overall entertainment.


  • All dancers at CDF are eligible to receive scholarships and there is no need to register separately for an audition.

  • Each dancer may receive only one individual scholarship per event. However, is still eligible for group scholarships.

  • Scholarship recipients will be announced at the end of Festival Showcase during closing ceremony.

  • Dancer must be present at closing ceremony to receive scholarship.

  • All scholarships are valid for specific events and dates as stated on certificate. Scholarships are NOT valid for all CDF events. Scholarships are NOT valid for more than one year from date awarded unless specified.

  • All CDF Education Scholarships are limited to Festival TUITION ONLY.

  • All CDF Experience Scholarships are limited to Festival Showcase ENTRY FEES ONLY.

  • All CDF Inspiration Scholarships include Festival Tuition and Festival Showcase Entry Fees.

  • One CELEBRATION DANCER scholarship will be awarded at each event compliments of Main Street Travel. This scholarship will cover Festival tuition/hotel accommodations/park tickets if applicable for one dancer and one parent/guardian.

  • Scholarships awarded for master classes or summer intensives outside of CDF events have separate policies and restrictions.  CDF is not responsible for scholarships awarded by outside agencies/companies/colleges.

  • Scholarships are NON-TRANSFERABLE and have NO EXTENSIONS.

  • Dancer/dancers must pre-register for Festival to utilize scholarship. Onsite registrations are NOT accepted.



  • each studio will be assigned a Festival ambassador. Your Festival ambassador will be there to assist the studios throughout the Festival.

  • All MUSIC MUST BE UPLOADED 30 DAYS PRIOR TO FESTIVAL. Studios will receive confirmation of their music 7 days prior to Festival. We recommend bringing back up music in the form of a CD, smart devices, USB.  

  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are allowed near Festival events. Alcoholic drinks purchased at restaurants near performance venues must be finished before coming to main viewing area for Festival Showcase.

  • CDF adheres to a strict schedule. Master classes, rehearsals, Festival Showcase, and Parade performances will be at days/times scheduled. Dancers must perform at their designated time for all Festival Showcases.

  • CDF, Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney World® Resort has the right to change the day, time, and venue during the scheduled Festival dates.

  • In the event of inclement weather every effort will be made to accommodate Festival performances. However, refunds are not given for inclement weather. Please see waiver for more information.

  • Dancers must arrive at holding/dressing room ready to perform 1.5 hours before their scheduled time. Please check in with CDF staff and directed to stage manager. Stage manager will give specifics upon arrival.

  • Video cameras are prohibited at ALL performance venues. In order to provide protection for the teacher and performers who have worked long and hard on their choreography, still and video and movie cameras will not be allowed in the auditorium.

  • Celebration Memory Makers video package is included with each dancers Festival tuition.

  • Fire, swords, dry ice, guns, air horns, latex balloons on stage and knives are prohibited. All props should be non-toxic substances. No form of liquid, gel, powder, glass objects, aerosol cans of any type (including hairspray or spray paint) or similar substances may be used that will physically alter the backdrop, wings or surface of the marley floor. Wet paint (on body, costume, or prop), fake blood, silly string, haze or fog machines, dry ice, smoke, strobe lights, bubbles, bubble machines, candy, chalk, crushed cork, flour, corn starch, loose glitter, sand, dirt, sawdust, ashes or any other similar substances may not be used. If the stage is littered during performance, please be prepared to clean it up!

  • Any person on stage during a routine must be paid for and registered for the routine and Festival.

  • No food or drinks on or around stage at any time.

  • No one will be allowed to perform out of order. NO EXCEPTIONS. Costume changes are taken into consideration. Unlike a competition, CDF Festival Showcase is presented as like a production. You will be allowed no more than 10 minutes for costume changes and you must stay in the designated dressing/backstage stage area. Performers must be ready to perform when stage manager calls them.

  • CDF creative team meticulously plans the schedule for each Festival Showcase. You will know 30 days in advance the order of the showcase.

  • All teachers and dancers agree that the time, manner and method of critiques and judging will be solely within the discretion of the teaching artists’ panel.

  • Teachers/Professional Persons 19 yrs. of age or over who are teachers or assistant teachers or professional dancers or persons who have ever been teachers, assistant teachers or professional dancers are not allowed to participate in any youth Festival events. All dancers must be in grades K – 12.

  • No Refunds for Festival or Showcase entries! Gift Certificates will be issued for future CDF Events in case of illness or injury. All Gift Certificates and monies will be made out to the Studio.

  • EACH PERFORMER MUST BRING PROOF OF AGE: BIRTH CERTIFICATE, DRIVER’S LICENSE, ETC. In the event a protest regarding age occurs, we will require this proof.

  • It is agreed upon entering any CDF event that participants, including students, parents, teachers, and other spectators, will not hold Celebration Dance Festival, Main Street Travel, Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World® Resort or any of the owner, directors, employees, or host facilities liable for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted by them, or loss of property while in attendance and/or participating in any activity of the CDF events.

  • Participation in any CDF event indicates permission to use any photographs or video taken during the event in promotional venues including, but not limited to, newspapers, brochures, ads, television, videos, newsletters, and the Internet.

  • CDF and Main Street Travel reserve the right to change, delete, or add to any rules, regulations, or policies at any time deemed necessary.

  • CDF and Main Street Travel do not discriminate; however, we do reserve the right to refuse entry into the Festival as a dancer or spectator, to any group or individual who has been deemed unsportsmanlike by our staff. Anyone displaying unsportsmanlike behavior during the event will immediately be asked to leave the facility and no refunds will be issued.

  • CDF reserves the right to withdraw any entry or participant that does not adhere to the rules and regulations. No refunds will be given to the studio/individual withdrawn.

  • Any questions regarding routines should be brought to the attention of the show director by teacher or studio director only.

  • The teaching artists’ critiques will be released to the STUDIO DIRECTOR ONLY in the days following the close of the Festival. Critiques can be found in the studio director’s online account. The critiques and comments of the teaching artists do not necessarily represent the opinions of CDF directors or its staff.

  • CDF is held at family-oriented events and theme parks. We encourage you to submit routines for entertaining this specific audience. All choreography, music selections, and costumes must be “Disney squeaky clean.”  Choreography, costuming, and/or the use of dance themes such as rape, suicide, murder, sex, domestic violence, anorexia, and dark undertones chosen and/or presented to Festival audiences with a lack of 'artistic discretion' is considered inappropriate. We appreciate the art form, creativity, and desire to heighten world awareness of these themes through dance but deem it inappropriate to present them to audiences that include children of every age. We recognize that this is extremely subjective and sensitive. Each event will use its utmost professional judgment and will individually address these performances as they surface at each particular event in the manner they deem appropriate. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents to keep performances thematically and choreographically appropriate.

  • CDF Teaching Artists are ALL currently performing or recently retired dance professionals. First and foremost, these Teaching Artists are all well trained in multiple genres of dance and are sensitive to the various skill levels represented by the dancers' differing ages. This mixture of age, breadth of dance experience, and extensive background in performing arts contributes to the diverse range of feedback offered to all Festival participates. Every effort is made to provide feedback in three main areas: Technique, Choreography & Execution/ Performance Skills.

  • The safety of the dancers is paramount. A Backstage Manager, Marley Floor, and First Aid Kit are standard at each event. In the event of an accident please report to a CDF staff member.

  • CDF assumes no responsibility for forgotten CD’s, iPods, USBs, awards, certificates, or other items.

  • At CDF, we believe that continuing dance education from the industry's leading teachers, choreographers, companies, and colleges are crucial for the development of an aspiring dance professional. At CDF, we will be offering numerous scholarships. Each scholarship will have its own rules and regulations. Please be aware of these policies upon acceptance. CDF is not responsible for scholarship awards outside of the CDF organization.

  • Any dancer takes certain inherent risks. These include, but are not limited to sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in CDF indicates the acceptance of such risks by dancers. Therefore by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold Celebration Dance Festival and Main Street Travel, their officers directors, officials, staff, employees, volunteers, or any co-host responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by them while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to Celebration Dance Festival event; and the hosting facility is not responsible for personal injury or property loss to either participants or spectators.



There is no charge for studio owners/directors and faculty to attend CDF. Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World® Resort locations require studio owners/directors book a minimum of 3 nights hotel stay and theme park tickets. Studios receive one FREE director’s package for every 10 rooms booked at our Universal Orlando or Walt Disney World® Resort locations. Director’s Package include 3 nights at our host resort and 3 day theme park tickets compliments of Main Street Travel.  

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